Explore the universe with the Xenologist.

Embark on an interstellar mission to the Alpha Anoteros System, in planetary search for the discovery of xenos! Four planets to discover; Xeros Sfaria, Pagos Prasinos, Mykitas Thanatos, and our first stop Terra Zoi!

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Alpha Antores System

About the project.

Xenopets is a unique story-driven Bitcoin Ordinal collection where players take on the role of a Xenologist in exploring the exciting world of Xenos! The first drop of this collection will feature 10 different 1st generation species from the planet Terra Zoi. These Xenos possess exclusive characteristics and captivating backstories, making each of them truly one-of-a-kind. The goal of the Xenologist is to encounter them all, and pursue their research across the galaxy to find out what mysteries Xenos may hold. Are you up for the challenge? Read More!


What inscription numbers are they?

Sub 165k

How can I buy them?

The sale of Xenopets is currently pending a finalized date.

Do you have the auction/mint schedule?

We currently don't have a set date or schedule, but we invite you to join our Discord community to stay up to date on any announcements and developments.